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Our Affiliates and Partners

Our Affiliates and Partners

ANAPA Travel Tanzania Ltd is proud to partner with many great affiliate and partner companies. To help and enhance your adventure to Africa. Please Check Out Our Partners and Also Contact Us If you Wish to Partner Your Business With Us

Our Affiliates and Partners



BookMundi is a very sophisticated booking platform through which travellers and locals alike can book experiences and things to do, crafted by companies around the world. If you have spare time, and don’t know what to do, checkout the trips, tickets, experiences, and tours available in your country.

Bookmundi is a Danish based company, looking to create a new and easy way for people to book experiences and tours around the world.

We hope you will find Bookmundi fun to use. We have crafted the website in such a way so that when you use it, you will find that:

  • Tours and experiences on BookMundi are very competitively priced, and that it is almost too easy to process a booking.
  • Your local area or country offers tours and experiences you did not even know existed.
  • You sometimes book a new experience, simply because it was too cheap, or too appealing to turn down.

If you love to travel or to get new experiences, we highly recommend that you follow us on facebook, or enter your email at the footer of our website. We will be sending you last minute travel deals and very interesting travel news. You will also be able to see the very exciting new travel features that we are rolling out during the coming months – it’s a new way of exploring!

If you are a company offering travel or experience-related products, please do not hesitate to contact us via our become partner page.

Welcome to BookMundi, a new way of finding and booking experiences and tours, around the world.

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You are either in your home country or have already arrived to Kathmandu and really want to go trekking in Nepal. You are hoping to find the right trek and the right trekking company, with excellent safety record, necessary trekking licenses, good guides, with guide insurances, and of course, all this at the right price!

However, as you scout through the streets of Kathmandu, or the internet, numerous uncertainties and questions arise:

About Us Trekbooking

  • What is the right price for a trekking tour?
  • which trekking agency delivers excellent service and good guides?
  • which trekking agency have the necessary safety procedures and trekking licenses?
  • if booking online, can you trust that everything will be delivered, as per the booking?
  • how hard and costly will it be to deposit money to the trekking agency once booked (for online bookings)?

With trekbooking we wanted to address all of the above uncertainties, making trekking in Nepal easy.

With time, the concept has evolved into a trekking and climbing portal. Trekking & climbing partners can be found. Trekking and climbing questions can be raised and subsequently answered within 24 hours.

We will continue our efforts to create the world’s best trekking and climbing platform.



Destination 31° is an Egyptian-based traveling company that is specialized in adventure travel, ecotourism and extreme sports in Egypt and all around the world.

D31 was established in 2009 by 2 friends who shared a passion for traveling off the beaten path and challenging adventures, and as we believe that adventure travel is the key to self-exploration and a portal to endless life changing experiences, we decided to share the rapture of it with travelers from Egypt and all around the world

Our adventures focus on 3 main elements; stunning natural destinations, exciting adventurous activities and unique cultural interactions. From trekking the world’s most epic trails to rafting down the world’s wildest rivers to explore some of the world’s most beautiful and remote destinations.

“Explorers see what they see while tourists see what they came to see. Join D31 tribe and Explore Earth!”