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Communities Involment

ANAPA Travel Tanzania Ltd dedicated its time and resources to empower and benefit the local people involved in the areas where we operate. Support forLocal  schools,health issues and help for Aids orphans by allience with The Local NGO’s.

ANAPA Travel Tanzannia Ltd  is the Travel &Adventure specialists offers excellent international internship and volunteer opportunities overseas at Africa. The opportunity to work on meaningful projects in schools, orphanages, hospitals, health clinics, on different community projects and with government organizations.

You can also enhance your volunteer abroad and internship overseas travel in Tanzania – Africa, with exciting jungle safaris and lots of voluntary work abroad. Popular gap year destinations include:Travel to Tanzania , Kenya, and Uganda.

Volunteer at Orphanage

Orphan 1.There are many orphans and street children in Tanzania- Arusha the Safari capital, andMoshi the Foot base of Mount Kilimanjaro. Local organizations protect the children by offering Children’s homes.The organizations running orphanage programs are short of resources and manpower. Therefore, the help of international volunteers is greatly needed and appreciated. As a volunteer in the orphanage program, you will be involved in teaching English and other subjects as well as helping them with their homework. You will also help the orphans to understand the importance of hygiene, sanitation and good manners. Additional activities include help in organizing creative activities like games, painting, drawing, and maintaining the compound and orphanage buildings. Apply to day>>

Medical and Health Volunteer Program

Medical 1. Volunteers in this area are given responsibilities depending on their medical qualifications. Qualified doctors and nurses can carry full day to day treatment of various diseases. Medical students work under the supervision of qualified medical personnel. Volunteers who do not have medical training help in packing of drugs, painting etc. The volunteers can work in the areas of maternal health, mental health, surgery, laboratories, counseling and testing. Volunteers can work in clinics located in the slums of Arusha, or in hospitals located elsewhere. Apply to day>>

Volunteer at local school

School 2.ANAPA Travel Tanzania Ltd offers international teaching volunteer and internship abroad opportunities throughout the year for students, professionals and tourists to the African country Tanzania.Your voluntary services in teaching English as a second language or other subjects including  math, physical education, sports and games, sciences, etcwill be highly appreciated and fulfilling to yourself. We cooperating  with a number of schools where you can be placed. International internship and volunteer teachers work under the supervision of an experienced member of the school teaching staff appointed by the Head MasterA college degree or teaching training are not required, but suitable persons are expected to have at least graduated from high school or be enrolled in a college.  Volunteer in Tanzania teaching placements are Available at both the elementary (primary) and high school levels. Overseas interns and volunteers abroad under this Tanzania teaching project will be expected to work for between 4 to 8 hours a day. Apply today>>


Orphan 3.Highlights

Arrival Day:  Arrival day at Kilimanjaro International Airport  code (JRO) you will welcomed by our representative who will  usher you into a waiting vehicle and transfer you to the  host family or volunteer house.

Orientation& Starting Dates:

A follow day you would have orientation to a place where the projects will take place and on tomorrow to begin it.

Accommodation and Meals:

Overseas volunteers and interns’ abroad stay with carefully selected Tanzania host families and sometimes in local hostels and are provided two local meals per day; breakfast and dinner while on weekends you would have three meals Saturday and Sunday only.

Transportation method:

Volunteer and internship placements in Tanzania are within walking distance of the host home. You can also take local public transport to and from your volunteer project work. The cost will normally not exceed USD 1.00 per day.

Schedule of work:

Normally Mondays to Fridays; 4 – 8 hours a day. Most weekends are free to explore Tanzania and have day trip safari or excursions on weekends.

Age Limit:

16 age and above,from all countries of origin and residence. Persons fewer than 16 are allowed provided they must be accompanied by someone aged 23 and above who will be a guardian or community leader such as a school shaper on, priest etc.

Length of Program:

You can volunteer for any duration and stay as long as you wish. You can arrive at any time during the month and the volunteer work starts the following day. You will typically work between 9am – 4pm Monday to Friday.  You will spend your spare time shopping, eating out, cinemas, chatting with other volunteers or swimming. You can also go on Safari,Waterfalls &hikeing, scuba-diving and relax  at Zanizbar beach, or simply take a day out to Snake park and Masai Boma at Arusha.

The items to pack:

What to take? Thinking early about what to take with you and write a list adding to it every time you think of something.

Here is a general checklist to get started. (Passports and Tickets of going and return, Padlock and chain, Belt bag, Day pack, First aid kit, Note book, Camera, Mobile phone and charger, MP 3 player, Money card/ traveler cheque/ Cash, Torch, Sheet sleeping bag, Universal adapter, Pack of playing cards, Guide book/ Phrase book, spare photos for ID card, Photocopies of documents/ Emergency number/ Serial number of travelers cheque). 

A Team& Groups:

More than (12) Twelve people are guaranteed a booking discount.

The Program Fees:

Costs vary depending on length of stay, also We ask for a $60 deposit non refundable to ensure that we can reserve your placement. The deposit is NOT part of your program fee, it is not added on. The entire program fee should be paid 4 weeks before your arrival in Africa. This will enable us to take care of some urgent expenses before your arrival. 

WEEK 1 2 3 4 6 8     10 12 Above
COST 371$ 462$ 553$ 644$ 910$ 1092$ 1443$ 1625$ $

Costs above cover:  Application fee, Placement donation, Pick up on your arrival and return trip to the airport, Accommodation and 3 meals per day, Supervision 24hours at Host family.

Volunteer costs you need to meet are: Your flight to and from the country, visa fees@ 50$ to 100$, work permits@250$, vaccinations, and travel insurance.You will also need a weekly budget to cover your expenses like bottled water, personal costs, public transport, beverages and entertainment.

Please Note; The programs& adventure safari costs are based on double occupancy. However, we try to accommodate single travelers who request single accommodation, as well as single travelers who are looking for a roommate. If a single room is requested, or we are unable to find a suitable roommate, you will need to pay a single supplement. Single accommodation is not available on all programs& Safaris.

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